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So you can experience the ultimate level of convenience and security.


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Keyo Protects You From Identity Theft

With Keyo, the pattern of blood flowing through your palm's veins becomes your key. A key that cannot get lost, stolen or forgotten. The scanned pattern is  internal to your body and it cannot be copied.

Your Biometric Data Is Not Saved

The sensor converts your biometric data into a unique pattern and deletes the raw data. This pattern is worthless to anyone as it can't be used to get back your biometric data.

Consent-Driven Biometric

A simple wave of your hand is a small action, but an important one. This gives us consent to identify you. An action missing from most biometric in the market, such as, face-recognition, iris, voice and finger print.

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At Keyo we are building a global network with a single secure identity platform.
Users sign up once and can use their palm throughout the network.
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Keyo let’s you pay, unlock doors, redeem tickets and more, with a simple and contactless scan of your palm.

For businesses, Keyo brings an unparalleled level of convenience, user journey personalization, savings and more.

It’s actually pretty cool.

When you scan your palm, the Keyo terminal looks at 5 million points of the internal vein patterns of your hand. These are entirely unique to you and only you.

A version of that pattern gets encrypted and becomes your unique key.

This key is the only key that can access your personal information – and unlike your wallet or phone, this unique key cannot be stolen, lost or forgotten.

We did a lot of research before founding Keyo around palm-vein, and there are quite a few reasons we think it’s the best overall biometric option on the market. In short, the most important security differences revolve around two factors: palm-vein technology records an internal biometric, as opposed to external, more-easily-spoofed biometrics like face and fingerprint, and it also contains an intrinsic liveness test. For a full account of the differences between major biometric types, please check out our comparison here.

No. Your palm-vein pattern is entirely unique to you and cannot be used by anyone else.


No. The Keyo terminal only identifies veins that have blood rushing through them.

There is no fee for shoppers. There is a platform service fee for merchants, .

That will get deleted too. It will also be deleted if you do not use Keyo in a year.

To delete your scan head to the profile section in your app.

To delete your account simply fill out this form and we will be in touch shortly.

At Keyo, we are building a global network. Once you sign up to use Keyo, you can use your palm to pay anywhere in our network.

Just link you bank account and / or credit and debit cards to your account.

We are just getting started 🙂

Sign up for our waiting list. This list let’s us know where people is wanted. The more people from your region sign up, the higher it goes in our priority list.

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The Keyo terminal scans the palm of your hand with near infrared light (the same light used in remote controls for TVs), creating a map of your vein structure using over 5 million distinct data points. That map gets encrypted and stored on a secure server. Later, when using the terminal to access a secure door or make a payment, the terminal scans your palm again to compare against the records in our database.

It’s quick, it’s accurate (over 1000x more accurate than fingerprint), and it has a built-in liveness test (you’ll never need to take a test to prove you’re not a robot).


So damn much! A keyo account lets you pay with your palm at local restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.; quickly and conveniently verify your identity at secure points of access, for example the front door of your office or your hotel room; clock in at work; and verify ticket purchases at participating concert venues.

Yaay! Welcome to our waiting list!

We are excited to have along for the ride.

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