Welcome to thefuture.

Where being you is all you need.

Welcome to thefuture.

Where being you is all you need.

Don't ever forget your keys, cards, tickets, IDs or fobs again.

Keyo replaces all these, with a simple and contactless scan of your palm.

With a simple scan of your palm open doors,

With a simple scan of your palm open doors,

pay at stores,

pay at stores,

redeem tickets and more!

redeem tickets and more!

No chip required.


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Keyo helps local businesses save money! While making your life much easier.

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Never forget your keys again, let other people in, be safe. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor.


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Keyo's partners range from fortune 100 companies all the way to single coffee
shops and are located in over 5 countries.

Save on Processing Fees

Keyo eliminates fraud at the point of sale. So we can offer you the best rates.

Personalize Customer’s Experience

Keyo can be unique for every user. Use data to make your users’ journeys’ unlike any other.

Reduce Fraud Dramatically

Keyo uses internal biometrics to identify customers. No cases of fraud have ever been documented.

Faster Checkout Lines

Checking out with Keyo takes seconds. The Keyo scan, takes under a second.

Promote Across Network

Keyo is a platform. Our users can use Keyo throughout their daily lives and as they travel.

Powerful Data

Keyo offers powerful aggregated data.

Give your customers an incredible experience.