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Simplicity and Security with a Biometric ID

Unlock doors, pay in-store, redeem tickets, with
a simple contactless scan of the palm.

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Your Identity in the palm of your hand.

Keyo replaces your keys, cards, tickets, and fobs with a contactless scan of your palm. Sign up once and use your palm across our network.

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Keyo Smart ID

In just under a second, the Keyo Smart ID terminal identifies users based on 5 million data points within their palm vein pattern.

Unlike face recognition, iris, fingerprint, and voice-enabled technologies, palm-vein is internal to the body making it one of the most secure biometrics in the market.

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Built on Trust

With Keyo, users enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with a biometric ID focused on privacy and consent.

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Start seeing the ROI from the first day Keyo goes live. With Keyo, your business benefits from a growing global verified user-base.

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Integration Ready

Keyo is an integration-ready ID solution developed around
a robust and flexible API/SDK that is compatible with modern electronic lock and POS systems.

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Why Palm-Vein Biometric?

Read here why Keyo uses palm-vein biometrics as opposed to finger print or facial recognition. Download Guide