Freedom in the Palm of your Hand

Keyo lets you pay in-store, unlock doors, redeem tickets, and more with a contactless scan of your palm.

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At Keyo, we set out to build the first privacy-focused identity network.

Until now, keys, cards, and tickets have always been external to us, making it easy for them to get lost, forgotten, or stolen.

With a one-time sign up, Keyo becomes your internal ID — giving you access to the world with a simple wave of your hand.

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Keyo identity network

Give your clients, customers, and guests a level of convenience and security they have never experienced before.

Access Control

Keyo allows your staff to unlock doors, clock in and out, and manage their company ID quickly and easily.

Admins can manage staff, set access permissions per door, and track time and attendance — all through an easy-to-use console.

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Keyo allows customers to easily pay in-store, manage loyalty points and payment methods with a wave of their palm — no cards, cash or phones required.

Keyo is an integration-ready solution.

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Traveling, going to concerts, and attending sports events has never been easier. With Keyo, your ticket is in the palm of your hand.

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All in one identity network

Keyo is working with the largest brands in the world to build a global, privacy-focused identity network.

Join the network and learn what Keyo can do for your business.

The Keyo Terminals

Keyo offers two flexible solutions:


Keyo Smart ID

Our Smart ID terminal is a plug-and-play solution that allows you to get Keyo up-and-running quickly.

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icom Privacy Focused
icom GDPR Compliant
icom Fast
icom Contactless
icom Quick Sign-Up
icom Easy Onboarding
icom Usage Metrics
icom Cloud Backup
icom Consent Driven
icom Secure Encryption
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icom Ergonomic
icom Manage Permissions
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icom Integration Ready
icom Flexible API/SDK

Platform features

The Keynotes

At Keyo, we are building a company that reflects the world in which we want to live - one that brings the convenience and security of biometrics without compromising privacy, data security, and personal freedom.

Every week we publish a research piece that explores identity, biometrics, privacy, and some of the largest questions that the industry faces.


Privacy by Design

Keyo is a privacy-focused company that is fully GDPR and BIPA compliant. Since it's internal to the body, your palm vein pattern can never be copied or taken without your consent. This means that your personal data is kept entirely in your hands.