Some of our solutions include

Keyo's identity network is very flexible. Can stand alone, but it is also integration ready.

Reselling Keyo is a blast, as a new technology with a completely new offering reception is often very positive.


Keyo enable payments at the counter dramatically reduce fraud and processing fees. As we are able to guarantee identity.


A single wave is all a person needs to unlock a door. Manage permissions from Keyo app and dashboard or integration to current solution.


A single wave is all guests need to do to redeem their ticket to an event. The scan takes less than a second and can be managed through the Keyo app.


Once identity is guaranteed the possibility of rewards, gamification, personalization is infinite. Within brands and between businesses.

Keyo is the global leader in fast, secure and convenient identification.

Each terminal can do access, ticketing, process payments
and identify users.


Industry-leading biometric technology.

Plug and Play

Works with 1,000s of software solutions.

Powerful Data

Leverage unique behavioral metrics.


Contactless and fast palm scan.

Integration Ready

Powerful API / SDK for rapid and powerful integrations.

Fast and Convenient

Easy sign-up and great support.

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  • WiFi: 2.4 / 5GHz
  • Bluetooth
  • Proximity card passthrough
  • Ethernet / RJ45
  • Cellular 4G OPTIONAL
  • Battery backup OPTIONAL
  • POE / POE+
  • RFID / NFC
  • 120V AC / 12V / 24V DC
  • Wiegand / Relay Control
  • QR Code Reader OPTIONAL

Benefits of reseller

Access to internal resources

Access to dashboards, instructional videos, tutorials, sales sheets and more.

Dedicated support & Training

Access to Keyo’s dedicated support
team for troubleshooting and support

Preferred Access

Preferred access to future products
and services introduced by Keyo

Marketing materials

Simple and beautiful marketing assets you can send to your merchants


Brand assets bundle you can send to your merchants


One Sheeters

Keyo features and benefits conveniently wrapped in one-sheeter format.

Register One-Sheet

POS integration One-Sheet

POS integration checklist


Watch the Keyo experience in action with our beautiful product videos.

Keyo terminal sales video

Never forget your keys again, let other people in, be safe. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do

Keyo terminal sales video

Never forget your keys again, let other people in, be safe. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do


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