Give your customers an unforgettable payment experience.

No Cash, Cards or Phones - Just You

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Pay with a wave of the palm.

The Keyo terminal identifies your customers in 0.2 seconds and gives them access to their virtual wallet.

  • Frictionless
  • Secure
  • Fast

The loyalty card you can never forget.

Connect your in-house loyalty program to Keyo to increase engagement.

  • Let your customers earn and spend points without the need to remember loyalty cards or open apps.

Be at the head of payments, identity and privacy innovation.

Keyo is partnering with industry leaders to bring a groundbreaking in-store payments experience.

  • Be highlighted in the press as innovators in privacy and convenience.

Keyo is fully GDPR compliant and an advocate of privacy.

Keyo is building a company that reflects the world in which we want to live — one of that brings the convenience and security of biometrics without compromising privacy, data security and personal freedom.

  • Internal Biometrics
  • Consent Driven
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We are here to make your deployment a success.

We know that choosing a biometric partner is not a small or easy task. We are here to support you at every step of the way.

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