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Keyo let's your customers pay with a simple, touch-less scan of their palm. By using biometrics, we effectively reduce the risk of fraud and can offer you a flat 1% processing fee--no hidden cost.

But the savings are just the beginning of what we can do for you.

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Flat Processing Fee

No hidden swipe fees.

Loyalty Points

The loyalty card your shoppers never forget.

Amplify Your Voice

Let us promote your store to our community.

The Network Effect

Meet merchants, reach new customers, all through the Keyo network.

Cross Promotions

Build promotions targeted at other store's audiences, allow popup promotions at yours.

Get the Network Insight

Analyze before taking action. Learn from the network's data.

The check out experience

Keyo monitors every terminal and provides 24/7 support. Every Keyo transaction is protected with industry-leading security and encryption.

Your customers’ sign up journey

We will send a Keyo update every month.

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We believe that the future of in-store payments should have:

No cash, no cards, no phones – just people

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