You may earn a “Check In” when you visit a participating merchant (a “Merchant”) and make a purchase using the Key payment system.

There may be other opportunities and offers to earn additional Check Ins, which we may communicate to you from time to time.

Check Ins will be credited into your account within a few days after your purchase.

If you return or exchange any purchases made using Keyo through a Merchant, or if a you dispute a purchase or there is a chargeback made by your credit card company on a purchase made using Keyo (i.e.  you dispute that the purchase was authorized by you to your credit card company) your Check In for that purchase may be voided to reflect any changes in the total amount paid by you using Keyo.

Check Ins have no cash value.



Once you achieve a certain threshold of Check Ins, you can spend your Check Ins on products or services offered by Merchants (“Rewards”).

Rewards may be limited and may have their own restrictions, which will be noted in the Reward redemption webpage. Rewards may be limited by the total number available, the number available per user, the number available per a unit of time, or as otherwise noted by Keyo or the Merchant.

Please review the terms and conditions that may be noted on any Reward.  Those additional terms and conditions may apply in addition to, or in lieu of, these terms. However, if there are no contrary terms on the Reward, these terms apply.



Redeeming Rewards

You may redeem your Rewards online through your account dashboard.

The number of Check Ins required to redeem a reward will be determined by Keyo, and Keyo may change the number of Check Ins required for any Reward at any time.

Rewards that are perishable may not be available at all times. If the Reward you redeemed was not available, Keyo may, in its sole discretion, either refund the Check insspent on the unavailable Reward or provide an alternative Reward of approximately similar value.

Rewards may be delivered via physical mail, email, other delivery service, or in-store pickup. Delivery method of the Rewards will be determined by Keyo. You may be responsible for additional shipping and handling expenses for Rewards, which will be communicated to you when you redeem your Reward.



Rewards cannot be transferred between users, exchanged for money, or any other instrument or currency.

Rewards cannot be returned to Keyo or the Merchant once redeemed.

Check-Ins earned using Keyo will expire one year after the date in which the Check In was earned.

Certain stores, types of purchases, transactions do not qualify for Check Ins.  Purchases that will not earn Check Ins include:

Stripe-prohibited business

Cash instruments/cash advances

Lottery tickets

Unauthorized charges

Goods or services that you return for refund after purchase

If your account is cancelled, terminated, or becomes inactive, or if you violate the terms of the terms of use or the terms of this Reward Program, as determined by the Company, the Company may remove the Check Ins from your account.