What is Biometric Data?

Biometric data is information that is related to a person’s human characteristics that can be used to identify that person. Common forms of biometric data that you may use in your daily life include fingerprints, veins in your palm, face recognition, and iris or retina recognition. When Keyo talks about “Biometric Data”, we mean any physical information we collect about you in order to identify you to provide the Services (such as your palm print).


How does Keyo collect your Biometric Data?

When you sign up for a Keyo account, you will provide certain Biometric Data at a Keyo kiosk. Keyo will then encrypt your Biometric Data and store it on Keyo’s data servers, which Keyo will use to identify you when you want to use the Services.


Is your Biometric Data secure?

Keyo takes securing your Biometric Data seriously. Keyo implements industry-standard data security technology to ensure that your Biometric Data is as secure as possible. You can read our privacy policy here if you would like to see how we protect your Biometric Data.


How does Keyo use your Biometric Data?

When you use the Services (i.e., want to pay for goods or services using Keyo), you will provide Biometric Data using an input device designed or that purpose. Your Biometric Data will then be encrypted and sent to Keyo, where we will check the Biometric Data provided at the point of sale and compare it with the Biometric Data we have on file for you. If it is a match, your transaction will be approved and your account will be charged for the purchase you are making.


Does Keyo share or sell your Biometric Data?

Keyo does not sell your Biometric Data to any third parties. Keyo may work with third parties as needed to provide you with the Services. Keyo only shares your Biometric Data if they have a legitimate need to have it in order to provide you with the Services. Keyo has agreements with any third parties that will receive your Biometric Data that requires them to keep your Biometric Data secret and secure.


How long does Keyo keep your Biometric Data?

Keyo keeps your Biometric Data as long as long as you have an active account with Keyo. Your account is considered “active” as long as you have made at least one purchase using Keyo within the last year (unless you specifically request that we close your account sooner).


What happens to your Biometric Data after you close your account?

After you close your account (or your account automatically closes, as described above), Keyo will keep your Biometric Data on file for up to one year for purposes including fraud prevention. Keyo will permanently destroy your Biometric Data on or before the one-year anniversary of you cancelling your account (or the lapse of your account). After your Biometric Data is destroyed, you will need to re-enroll (and provide your Biometric Data to Keyo again) before you can use the Keyo Services.