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Keyo is a biometric payments terminal that allows  you to pay with a quick scan of your hand. Keyo is making it easy for you to pay in stores by connecting an encrypted scan of your palm to your favorite credit/debit card. 

Once you open an account with Keyo, all you do is scan your hand, choose your payment method and pay via a touchscreen terminal. In addition to payments, you earn reward check-in points every time you visit a store and checkout with Keyo.

Ingredients: Your gorgeous self, your palm, a debit or credit card, an email  and some very basic information for us to know that you are indeed who you say you are.

Step 1
Register for an account online at  www.keyo.co/register.

Step 2

Add a credit/debit card to your account 

Step 3

Finish registration by linking your palm at any store with a Keyo terminal 

You now have a superpower and are ready to checkout with just your hand!

Once you’ve created your Keyo account and attached your card to your account, you will receive a registration code. Go to any merchant that uses Keyo (you can find a list in your locations page in your dashboard) and scan your palm twice at the terminal.

When you are ready to pay for your purchases, simply let the store clerk/barista know that you are using Keyo at checkout. The clerk will enter the total into the Keyo terminal and you can complete the purchase. Scan your hand to access your account, choose from your available cards, and complete your purchase!

Nope, Keyo is free to all users. Plus we save stores a lot of money in credit card processing fees!

Keyo uses industry standard/bank-level/ security throughout our systems. We verify all user accounts before a card or palm scan are added to the account. With PalmSecure, Keyo removes id vulnerabilities so your card is always associated with you.

Keyo uses palm-vein recognition to give our users access to their account. By scanning 5 million points in each of our users palms we are able to confidently say that we use the most secure and accurate biometric-authentication system out there.

You can manage your account with the dashboard Keyo has created for you! Once you log into your account, you will see your available check-in points (coming soon), your cards, purchase history, and have direct access to the Keyo support team!

You can access your dashboard on your computer or phone. Our mobile app is coming soon!

Once you create a user profile at Keyo.co and we verify your account, you will be asked to attach your prefered credit/debit card to your account. You can also add additional cards to your account through  your dashboard.

Yes! Log into your dashboard and you will see your most recent purchases listed by date.