Our Mission

Keyo's mission is to improve the human experience by reinventing the way we use our identity.

Behind Keyo stands a team tired of forgetting their wallets, loosing their keys, rushing to print their tickets. We believe that being who we are is enough to access what is ours.

So we dove deep into biometrics trying to find a modality that would respect privacy, be consent based and easy to use. This is how we ended up with palm-vein. Not only the fastest but also the most secure biometric in the market.

So we've set out to build the first biometric ID network in the world.

arrow Values
Value 1

We take time to explore our ethics and are transparent with our stances.

Value 2

We go out of our way to embrace diversity in every aspect of Keyo.

Value 3

We actively encourage personal and professional growth.

Value 4

We consider the health of our community when making decisions.

Value 5

We believe that small victories often deserve big celebrations.

Value 6

We go out of our way to foster trust, humor and honesty.