Where are based from?

I am based on my 1974 sailboat which is currently in Mexico but will likely be in the South Pacific by spring. My boat is the only place I call home, and my office for all three of my businesses!


What do you do?

I am a contrapreneur. I believe good business has the power to change the world, so I start businesses I think would have a positive social, environmental or financial impact on the world and help other people do the same. Clothes Worth Wearing is a clothing line I’ll be releasing soon. It’s special because it uses cotton that grows naturally colored, so no toxic dues are needed. Contrapreneur is my podcast which is a community of other people using business as a tool for good. I also have a secret business. I also keep a personal blog, but it’s not a business.


How did you get started?

You could find me reading sustainable business books as a kid on family vacation. I am on my heart’s truest path which began a long time ago. I’ve had other businesses, but my three current businesses are in their infancy. The first podcast will launch Tuesday, December 11th. The clothing line and secret business will launch in late winter/early spring 2019.


What do you love most about what you do?

I most love that I am just being me. I am following every passion project and living a day-to-day life interwoven with work that feels meaningful.


Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from being in new places. The places don’t have to be grand. It’s the stimulation of novelty around every corner which keeps my mind open to moments of inspiration.


What are some tips for other people to follow your path?

Put yourself in a place where you thrive creatively. It will likely look very different from mine, and other peoples. Then get started. Make your first whatever-it-is. Show people. Adjust and keep going.


Any favorite books, songs, podcasts, shows?

Well, I am rather fond of my podcast but I’m biased. I also listen to the Bulletproof podcast a lot. It’s helped my health thrived, which is so important to success. I’ve been reading a lot of older, creative fiction lately. The stories also transport my mind to an open state of creativity which inspires me.


What’s identity to you?

To me, identity is what I do every day, where I do it and the people who surround me. Identity has deep roots, but ones expression of identity, and future identity is quite malleable. I like to visualize what I want my future to be like so I can figure out what it will take to get me there.

Personal instagram: @sarahthesarah
Contrapreneur instagram: @contrapreneur
Clothing Line: @clothesworthwearing


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