The second generation of Keyo terminals are here! Based on user feedback and needs of our clients and partners, we’ve created this generation of hardware. Now Keyo is sleeker, easier to use, and wall-mountable. Its new design even further reduces palm-vein’s already low false rejection rate. Take a look.

Gen II

Improvements at a Glance:

- Customizable faceplate
- Screen location switched to above the hand
- New angles are easier on the wrist and encourage correct hand alignment
- It's lighter
- It's now easier, and more intuitive to hover your hand above the scanner for sanitary, contactless use
- Wall-mountable - a must as an access solution

Gen I

Lean Production Methods

At Keyo we approach hardware by embracing lean production methods and interactive design. At our current stage our terminals are 3D printed and the faceplates are laser cut. We have three 3D printers that are constantly producing terminals, each terminal takes around 10 hours to print. They are then assembled in house. 

Once a new terminal or interface design is ready we do user testing and observations, so we can learn more about how people interact with the hardware and software. 

We are in full preparation mode to start mass production shortly.

Prototype Gen III 

We are already working on some exciting new concepts for Generation 3 - which will be the design we take to market. Stay tuned.

Yaay! Welcome to our waiting list!

We are excited to have along for the ride.

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