People often ask us here at Keyo why, out of all the biometric modality options out there, we chose palm-vein. It’s much less common than other biometrics, especially golden oldies like fingerprint and iris scan. It gets less press than other new, cool options like facial recognition. So why then?

When we started Keyo we tested out most biometrics in the market, this is why we chose palm-vein:

  1. Most robust security on the market – has never been spoofed
  2. Consent-driven biometric – it cannot be collected without consent
  3. Easy-to-use, fast and contactless
  4. Stays somewhat the same throughout lifespan and it’s different even in identical twins.

A more complete, meaningful answer requires an understanding of the various biometric modalities on the market today. So we’ve compiled this series of five brief modality profiles, including palm-vein, with upsides and downsides for each as well as basic background and market information. Future blog posts will discuss specific features in greater detail. These profiles cover the basics.

Facial Recognition

There’s something inherently appealing about Facial Recognition as a biometric. It’s the one humans typically use to identify each...

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Iris Scan

Iris scanners use near infrared light to photograph the ridge pattern of the iris, a pattern both unique and complex enough to be quite secure. The technology is well-established...

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Voice Biometric technology registers basic information related to a person physical vocal tract - the shape of the larynx, mouth, and nose. This information is conveyed...

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Of all biometric modalities, fingerprint has the longest history and the most established infrastructure. Fingerprints are universal, unique, widely acceptable...

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Palm-vein technology is a relative newcomer to the biometric scene. Developed in 2011, palm-vein uses near infrared light to create a unique image of the blood flowing...

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