What makes you you?

Here at Keyo we use palm-vein scanning technology to verify personal identity. But more than what we do, it’s who we are. Everyone in this office is the living, breathing personification of a palm scan.

Or not.
That would be crazy.

The Next Generation of Keyo Terminals

The second generation of Keyo terminals are here! Based on user feedback and needs of our clients and partners, we've created this generation of hardware. Now Keyo is sleeker, easier to use, and wall-mountable. Its new design even further reduces pal-vein's already low false rejection rate. Take a look.

Why Keyo uses palm-vein?

People often ask us here at Keyo why, out of all the biometric modality options out there, we chose palm-vein. It’s much less common than other biometrics, especially golden oldies like fingerprint and iris scan. It gets less press than other new, cool options like facial recognition. So why then?


Palm-vein technology is a relative newcomer to the biometric scene. Developed in 2011, palm-vein uses near infrared light to create a unique image of the blood flowing through the vein structure of a user’s palm. Blood must be flowing for the scanner to work. No separate liveness verification system required.