Andres Molestina – Photographer

I like to consider myself an experiencer because what I like the most in life is living any kind of opportunity that's presented to me. I share all…

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Katia Mendoza – Artist

I have always loved drawing. It wasn’t until seventh grade that I began to look at the concept of drawing in a different light. I remember that I was…

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The Debate Over Facial Recognition in the United States

Welcome to part three of our series on facial recognition technology (FRT). Last week’s post discussed a few controversial uses of FRT as part of…

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Sharp Eyes – Deep Dive

Welcome to Part 2 of our month-long series on facial recognition technology (FRT). This week I wanted to dive right into easily the most upsetting of…

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Diving Deep into Face Recognition – Part 1

Facial Recognition: of all the biometric modalities it’s the one the world seems most ambivalent about. Seen from one angle it’s the future of the…

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