Salt Flats Innovation House

The Salt Flats Innovation House is a curated, membership only ecosystem designed to foster business growth and innovation. It’s something of a…

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What makes you you?

Here at Keyo we use palm-vein scanning technology to verify personal identity. But more than what we do, it’s who we are. Everyone in this office is…

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The Next Generation of Keyo Terminals

The second generation of Keyo terminals are here! Based on user feedback and needs of our clients and partners, we've created this generation of…

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Why Keyo uses palm-vein?

People often ask us here at Keyo why, out of all the biometric modality options out there, we chose palm-vein. It’s much less common than other…

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Palm-vein technology is a relative newcomer to the biometric scene. Developed in 2011, palm-vein uses near infrared light to create a unique image of…

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Of all biometric modalities, fingerprint has the longest history and the most established infrastructure. Fingerprints are universal, unique, widely…

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Voice Biometrics

The voice conveys a significant amount of information, some of it unique to a person and thus suitable as a biometric, and some not. There’s what a…

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Iris Scan

Iris scanners use near infrared light to photograph the ridge pattern of the iris, a pattern both unique and complex enough to be quite secure. The…

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