A contactless wave to unlock doors, clock in, pay and more With Keyo, a single secure scan of the palm allows your tenants, staff and guests to unlock doors, clock-in, pay and identify themselves.

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Consolidate your access control, payment, and time & attendance systems into a single platform

Traditional access keys (such as ID cards and fobs) are vulnerable to getting lost, duplicated, or stolen, making it possible for unauthorized persons to get a hold of them and putting your company at risk.

Keyo prevents this by using your palm's unique vein structure to create a unique encrypted code that only you can access.

Learn why palm-vein technology is the fastest, most secure, and most accurate access control system on the market.

Keyo secures your building and saves you money

  • icon Manage employees and visitors permissions in the workplace.

    Our access control system lets you group employees and restrict access to certain areas down to specific doors and certain days and times. All essentials for higher security and smooth functioning.

  • icon Connect Keyo with our integration ready solution.

    Keyo's integration-ready platform is compatible with virtually all modern electronic lock and POS systems, allowing you to easily incorporate the benefits of the Keyo network into your business.

  • icon Lower your costs. Never replace another lost keycard.

    Each person has a unique ID that can never be lost, duplicated or left at home. Manage everything from one integration-ready system. Keyo Smart ID is a seamless experience where users need nothing but themselves.


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Keyo is fully GDPR compliant and an advocate of privacy.

Keyo is building a company that reflects the world in which we want to live — one of that brings the convenience and security of biometrics without compromising privacy, data security and personal freedom.

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  • Consent Driven
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We are here to make your deployment a success.

We know that choosing a biometric partner is not a small or easy task. We are here to support you at every step of the way.

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